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Rotary's heavy duty four-post lifts accommodate a wide range of vehicles with lifting capacities up to 60,000 lbs.

Heavy Duty 4 post lifts are:

  • Spotting friendly, this is especially important if you're the only tech working on the vehicle. No need to climb in or down from high places constantly to make sure everything is correct. You're already there once you're up on the lift platforms.

  • Offer quick setup for undercarriage repairs. Setup your heavy-duty shop with a 4 post lift drive through bay. Repairs could be made, drive off to test repair and if need be drive right back on.

  • Can be used for wheel maintenance when combined with included or optional accessories. Rolling jacks on a 4 post lift turn the lift into a wheel free vehicle repair tool. It also gives you a spot to roll those giant wheels off and store on the platform, no need to break your back lifting them to the floor.

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