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The Best Two-Post Lifts Money Can Buy


Forward Lift is a leading manufacturer of automotive lifting equipment that is uniquely designed for a wide range of customers. We provide safe and reliable lift systems for independent repair shops, car dealerships, body shops, national accounts, home enthusiasts, hobbyists.

Full-height structural steel columns and structural crossbeam ensures strength through out your lift! Forward Lift products are engineered to perform and built to last. Forward’s U.S. engineers have over 25 years experience designing automotive lifts for the North American market. Forward’s philosophy is to own our designs rather than use someone else’s off the shelf product.


Forward Thinkers Choose Four-Post Lifts

 If you’re looking for an all-around shop workhorse then you’re thinking about a Forward Lift Four-Post Lift. The ability to drive right onto, lift and service your vehicle is the main stay of a traditional lift, such as a four-post. There’s a variety of accessories that make the lift more than just a drive on. You can lift, align service, or store with a four-post. They do take up more space in a shop, however they provide a peace of mind that can’t be duplicated with any other lift.

The four sturdy posts each with locking mechanisms provide a stable platform to keep anything on. Lift a Fire Truck, sure you can, and feel confident walking under it to perform any job. We provide safe and reliable four-post lifts for independent repair shops, car dealerships, body shops, national accounts, home enthusiasts, hobbyists, and heavy-duty truck facilities. You’ll find plenty to think about when choosing a four-post lift below.


Mobile Columns:
Forward Thinkers Lift Where They Want


Here, there, or anywhere! With a Forward Lift Mobile Column you’re not fixed any bay for your lifting needs. Forget the fixed power connections and air lines, you can lift outside on a nice day or lift wherever you have the free space.

Not only can you lift where you want, lift whatever you want. Truck, semi, concrete mixer… If you can name it, our mobile columns can lift it. Take the columns to the vehicle and then store them easily in your shop. Save time and make the biggest jobs up to 72 tons as simple as the smallest job.

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