Inground – EFX60 | Environmentally Friendly Inground Scissor Lift



Capacity: 60,000lbs.


The EFX60  is the newest generation of Environmentally Friendly Heavy Duty inground scissor technology. The EFX60 is ALI-ETL certified and manufactured in the U.S.A. Rotary Lift uses proven technology to bring you the most robust and reliable lifts in the industry. Rotary Lift sets the standard for environmentally Friendly designs, and the EFX is no different.


  •  Patented Universal Saddle System provides quick and easy set up for technicians
  •  Exclusive heavier duty Smartguard™ pivot pins
  •  Rotary Exclusive locking system
  •  Heavier duty linkages and advanced bearing design
  •  ALI Gold Certified (EFX60X)


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  • Specification EFX60
    Lifting Capacity 60,000 lbs.
    Lifting Capacity (front piston) 30,000 lbs.
    Lifting Capacity (rear piston) 30,000 lbs.
    Power Unit 10 HP
    Pressure 3,900 psi
    Oil Displacement 7 gal.
    Rise 70″
    Piston Diameter 7″
    Std. Adapter Adjustment 28 3/8″-52″
    Drive-Thru/Over Clearance recessed

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