Tire Changer – R140i | Swingarm Tire Changer




Heavy duty swing arm structure guarantees proper working conditions for every job. The exclusive 110v single speed motor provides needed torque and the rigid self-centering chuck with a wide clamping range handles a variety of needs. Equipped with a galvanized, double-operating bead breaker cylinder. 


  •  Standard Swing Arm Changer
  •  Top Quality at an Entry Level Price
  •  22″ Outside Clamping
  •  24″ Inside Clamping
  •  Tire Diameters of 40″
  •  Shown with optional helper


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Tire Changer – R140i | Swingarm Tire Changer

  • Technical Data


    Internal clamping

    13”- 24.5”

    Outer clamping

    11”- 22”

    Max wheel diameter

    40.5” (1030 mm)

    Max wheel width

    12” (305 mm)

    Bead breaker cylinder power at 145 psi

    15” (380 mm)

    Electric motor

    6,745 lbs/force

    Rotation speed

    7,3 rpm

    Max torque turntable

    885 Ft/L lbs (1200 Nm)

    Power supply

    110v / 1Ø / 60 Hz

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