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Tire Changer – R541 | Commercial Heavy-Duty Tire Changer




The dimensions and work strokes ensure maximum efficiency for an entire range of tires. The two-speed rotation chucking table can accommodate rims up to 44” and 56” (with VSG108A12 extensions set). With leverless action, the tool operates between bead and rim, pulls up the bead and demounts the tire. Service Tire Diameters Up to 90″.


  • Cable control unit
  • Aluminum Adapters Standard
  • Rotational control on portable wired stand
  • Tire paste lubricant and brush


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Tire Changer – R541 | Commercial Heavy-Duty Tire Changer



    Chucking unit rotation motor

    1.75 Hp / 1-1.3 kW

    Hydraulic drive unit motor

    2.95 Hp / 2.2 kW

    Rim diameter
    With VSGA108A12 adapters

    11”- 43”
    44’ – 56”

    Maximum tire diameter

    90.5” (2300mm)

    Maximum tire width

    51” (1300mm)

    Chuck rotation speed (rev/min)


    Power Supply

    220v / 3Ø / 60 Hz

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